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Lagoon Thumb Indent Tumbler/Handless Mug


Wheel thrown in my home studio with speckled stoneware clay and glazed with my Lagoon combination.
These tumblers are versatile little cups that fit comfortably into your hand, with a thumb indent in the side providing extra stability when holding. They can be used for anything from a water cup to your evening wine cup!

These tumblers can be used for teas and coffees too! I advise customers to let the cup sit for a few minutes after pouring from the kettle before handling - once the cup is cool enough to handle, your drink should be at perfect drinking temperature.

This listing is for one tumbler, due to the handmade nature of these items each may vary slightly.
Colours may differ from on screen

Fired to approximately 1200 degrees Celsius, they are dishwasher safe though I always recommend handwashing when possible as it is kinder to the glaze.

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